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Wondering Why You Are Here?

You clicked a link to visit one of our websites, but sadly, we have taken down our websites at: and

If you came looking for a leather ukulele strap, we do have some available but due to huge increases in international postage from New Zealand we are finding many people do not want to pay for the postage.

If you really want a strap, and are happy to pay about $USD19.00 for the shipping (covers up to seven straps) on top of the strap price, then please contact us here. (If you live in NZ or Australia please ask about "locals" pricing).

See images below for an idea of what stock we have remaining (images may be out of date).

Our website at Duke Banjo Ukuleles is still up and running, but we currently have no DUKE10 banjoleles to sell. Please send us a message here to Register Your Interest in a DUKE10 Banjolele should we start making them again.

Jamie Houston from New Zealand

Founder of

Owner of Duke Banjo Ukuleles

Remainder Leather Uke Strap Stock as at 1st November 2021.

These are selling for $USD28 each.

Some colours are not shown and others are now sold out, so please email us with your preference to check on availability.


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